Democratic Republic of the Congo

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In this paper I will first give a detailed history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Followed by a philosophical analysis of my chosen country. I plan to rap up my report with some related economic information. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DROC) is a nation located in central Africa along the Congo River. The earliest inhabitants of this region are believed to have been pygmies as many as 2000 years ago. They settled …

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…es). Paramilitary forces and a civil guard totaled more than 31,000 members. Military service is voluntary. Defense expenditures in the early 1990s accounted for 24 percent of the national budget. Because the military was the main source of support for Mobutu, the Kabila regime reorganized the armed forces, placing supporters in command. H. International Organizations-The DRC is a member of the United Nations (1960), the Organization of African Unity (1963), and the African Development Bank (1966).