Democratic Outlaws

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DEMOCRATIC OUTLAWS ? Pirates, the outlaws of the sea. If like me, the first idea that comes to mind regarding pirates is a group of raiding and plundering individuals. This is due to today’s society glamorizing the pirates as fascinating characters. Historically, not much written information has been left behind. The pirates did not leave ship logs or accounts of plunders, because it could be used to incriminate them. Society today has invented the pirates …

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…own societies. The way in which the pirate community governed their society is an example of pirate human decency. Bibliography WORKS CITED “Articles of Bartholomew Roberts.” Pirate Index Cite. Pirates of New Providence. 12/4/97 Lord Byron. “The Corsair.” The Complete Poetical Works. Oxford: Clarendon, 1981. 148-214. Lafitte, Jean. Class Presentations. Mark, Jennifer. “Piracy’s Golden Age.” Pirates and Privateers of the Caribbean. Krieger Publishing Company. Malabar, Florida, 1992. 187-213.