Decline of the Family

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DECLINE OF THE FAMILY Within the past ten years, the focus of American families has become unpleasantly clear. Divorce, teenage pregnancy, violence, suicide, and addiction are all plaguing our families today. Conservatives, Liberals, and Feminists all have their views on why the breakdown of the families is occurring. The conservatives believe that the lack of religious beliefs and practices have led to the moral disintegration of this generation. Daytime television glorifying unwed motherhood, further obscuring …

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…affordable housing available, not just low income projects to warehouse families in unsafe neighborhoods. The community should sponsor more grassroots investments in the housing crisis such as organizations like The Habitat for Humanity for instance. We have along way to go, and our children are suffering from our neglect. It is time we all take a real hard look at the state of our nation and start caring more about the community as a whole.