Decision Making Model

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Decision-Making Model Taking many factors into account, I decided that the Group Decision-Making model was the best choice for me, when it came to job-related decision-making. I feel that by using the group decision-making model, I was able to maximize my opportunity for a successful outcome. Group decision-making is the process of producing a judgment based on the feedback of multiple individuals. Such decision-making is a key component to the functioning of an organization, because …

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…Group decision-making can be helpful when used in the right situation. Just remember, they are not cure-alls for faulty decision procedures. They are merely a starting point for potential improvement. Individual ideas aid in assessing the interaction of group members regarding a judgment procedure. The group decision-making models provided the solution to an intangible and abstract concept. Brainstorming and idea sharing promoted the discovery and resolution of problems that occurred during the group decision-making process.