Debt Which is Unrepayable

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In Anne Bradstreet’s poem, “To Her Father with Some Verses”, the speaker expresses to the reader the feeling of never being able to repay her “Father”, God, for the gift of life He has offered to her. The feeling of never being able to repay her “Father” is shown through the use of repeated symbolism and the “Father” is represented as God through the use of diction. In the poem the speaker refers to …

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…to show the reader that the “Father” figure is God and she utilizes the symbol of money to convey the feeling of not being able to repay God for the gift of life. Throughout the poem, it is as if the speaker is working up to her epiphany that, unlike a monetary debt which can be repaid, the gift of life given by God is one that takes a lifetime and then some to repay.