Death of a salesman

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Who Killed Willy Loman? Will Loman, the salesman, portrayed as one of the great specimens of the modern age hard working middle class men. He was a man who loved his wife and children and was dedicated to his career in his search for success, but like all other men he had his claim to contradicting qualities. Willy’s own faults and Willy’s own damaged characteristics lead him to his demise. Willy’s excessive …

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…beliefs, that is essentially Willy himself, cleared the way for Willy’s final gesture, his death bed. Willy’s trust in dignity was crucial flaw in his fall. A second key that opened the door to Willy’s coffin was his overly emphatic trust in his personal theory of the American dream. The final blow, that sealed his coffin door, was an unwillingness to recognize his fault. The lone murderer of Willy Loman was Willy.