Death of a Salesmen

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Willy’s Unfulfilled Dreams and Frustrated Hopes Death of a Salesman is about the struggles and failure of Willy Loman. A middle aged, quietly dressed, exhausted traveling salesman. In Death of a Salesman Miller begin the play with Willy Loman, who after an unsuccessful attempt to start a selling trip, has just returned home early. Willy’s family had notice him talking to himself about things from the past. Linda his wife, seeing his exhaustion …

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…is at that terrible moment when the voice of the past is no longer distant but quite as loud as the voice of the present”(124 Martin). Which allows him to believe suicide is the only way out of his horrifying situation. He also believes “the proceeds of his insurance policy will thus stand as a justification of his dreams while offering some kind of belated restitution to the wife and son he had betrayed”(Bugelski 116).