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Death of a Salesman - Willy Charley says something in Arthur Millerís Death of a Salesman that sums up Willyís whole life. He asks him, "When the hell are you going to grow up?" Willyís spends his entire life in an illusion. He sees himself as a great man that is popular and successful. Willy exhibits many childlike qualities. Many of these qualities have an impact on Willyís family. His two …

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…in a manís body. He never lets go of his dreams. He does not come to grips with his failure as a salesman, father, and husband. Willy runs away from responsibility, and he asks others for handouts when in need. These traits have a negative impact Biff and Happy throughout their lives. At the end of his life he lives with delusions of what his life was and is. Willy never does grow up.