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Death of a Salesman was a powerful play, written by Arthur Miller, which was produced in 1949. He establishes a serious tone towards his subject. Also, Miller sets an ambiguous attitude towards the audience. Miller established a very serious tone about the relationship between the father, Willy, and his son, Biff. Miller feels that a father should always be loved. However, Willy has filled his son with false values, emphasizing flashy success and personal popularity, like …

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…the end of this very emotional conversation, Willy feels that his life is now over. He enters his automobile and drives recklessly, taking his own life. In conclusion, Arthur Miller stresses the important of a father and son relationship. Also, the ambiguous tone towards his audience leaves the reason for Willy’s suicide open for interpretations. Was it an act of love, or an escape from reality? It is left for the audience to decide.