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Death of a Salesman: In the play, Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman: Willy Loman, a sympathetic salesman and despicable father who’s “life is a casting off” has some traits that match Aristotle’s views of a tragic hero. Willy’s series of “ups and downs” is identical to Aristole’s views of proper tragic figure; a king with flaws. His faulty personality, the financial struggles, and his inabiltity are three substantital flaws …

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…to earn money. B) Late bills, no premium insurance, and going deep into debt. C) The disadvantage the booming economy has on Willy. D) Finds a way to kill himself to support his family. 4. Conclusion A) Willy, at times, is a despicable character B) Willy, at times, is a sympathetic character C) Some of Willy’s traits match Aristotle’s views of a tragic hero. Bibliography got A for good revisisons and bs like that.