Death of Salesman

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Death of a Salesman Is Willy Loman a hero or a villain? Willy could not be possibly thought as a hero. There are arguments that support both arguments of Willy being a hero or a villain, but most of them support Willy as being a villain. Willy did not have the friends and contacts that he claimed and emphasized his boys to have. Most of his life became a lie to him and his family. …

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…wife and children about all the people that knew him and how that was the only way to be successful, when he really did not know anyone. In the end, Willy kills himself. Willy thought that when he died, the funeral would show his family how many people he knew, because they would all come, but no one showed up. Villain may be a strong word, but it fits Willy Loman much better than hero.