Death Perspectives from Dylan Thomas's A Refusal To Mourn The Death By Fire Of A Child In London

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Death. Even the mere suggestion of the word is able to conjure up visions of dark, grisly impressions and cold, somber moods. The subject of death is neither an appropriate nor amusing subject of conversation among people because of the ill feelings of tragedy and mourning so often associated with it. Through his poetry, Thomas attempts to reverse the common opinions of society on death by using diction and comparisons that offer a new and …

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…used too many religious references ("Zion," "synagogue," "sackcloth," etc.) to interpret the poem to mean that life is a futile existence. Also, the two longest sentences turn out to be anything but "A Refusal to Mourn" in their language and rhythm, but are sober and dirge-like. The ambiguity of such contradictions in the poem are most likely Dylan Thomas's poetic reflection of the emotional turmoil created by the tragedy and misfortune of a child's death.