Death Of a Salesman

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Double-Journal Death of a Salesman Act I- The scene in the bedroom in which Happy and Biff are talking From the perspective of Biff in this scene I can see him attempting to readjust to the situation of living at home. Nothing had changed, but it has. It is his father. There is something in the past that Biff reminisces of with his brother. In the background, he hears his father’s incessant rambling and …

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…I was extremely disappointed in Willy. When I read about him, I looked upon him maybe as a dreamer, but always put his family first. And also, I felt Biff’s pain, it must be utterly devastating to find your father with another woman and for him to lie straight to you face about it. Willy Loman may have been a dreamer, but this unforgivable act puts him low as a person on my list.