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Matt Gayre 10/30/01 English 191 Death When I was young, I heard about death, but never really understood it. It was a hard concept for me to grasp. The true meaning was kept from me. Violence and death were portrayed all the time, everywhere I looked, but in a fantasy-like way. My grandfathers passing brought me to understand what death really meant and what accompanied it. Seeing him go through so many changes before his death made …

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…had seen someone I love, go from a fun-loving man to an angry and bitter person, confined to a hospital. This experience changed my life as well as many others. It was a major step of growing up, which I experienced during my childhood. I fully understood death; itís inevitability, what accompanied it, and how horribly it impacted peopleís lives. Today I still think about my grandfather and I miss his company dearly.