Dealers of Lighting, Michael Hiltzik

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“Dealers of Lightning” the legendary story of Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Written by Los Angeles Times corespondent, Michael Hiltzik. The Book brings together moments behind the research labs trailblazing technological achievements. Hiltzik also gives you vast amounts of insight and information about such people as Jack Goldman, Xerox chief scientists who convinced the corporation to sink tens of millions of dollars into PARC, while acknowledging that it may never pay off; Alan …

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…is cut back, universities are drained of their talent, and almost everyone competitively focuses on six month commercialization goals. But if you are interested in the real story on PARC, both the extraordinary and the all too ordinary, warts and all, read “Fumbling the Future” by Douglas Smith and Robert Alexander. Daytona Beach Community College, Max-Devin Silver Work Cited Hiltzik, Michael. Dealers of Lightning. New York: HarperBuisness, 1999 Segaller, Stephen. Nerds 2.0.1. New York: TV Books Inc. 1998