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The Inferno: Dante's immoral drama of a journey through hell. In his poem, the Inferno, Dante mentions many well know people. Dante mentions such people as Pope Anastasius, Alexander the great, Cleopatra, and many others. The poem is about Dante who has died, and upon reaching the afterlife, he was stopped short of heaven by three beasts. When Dante flees the beasts, Virgil appears. Virgil states that he is there to take Dante to heaven, …

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…sins that Dante accuses them of committing. The book is a master piece, very hard to understand, but a masterpiece none-the-less. My only regret is that I had to have it read by a deadline, and that did not give me the chance to fully understand what message Dante was trying to convey. However I do know that for having been written in the 1300's, the book spoke of many things that are true today.