Danger Zone

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DANGER ZONE by, David Klass Setting: Granham High School, Minnesota, L.A., California, and Rome, Italy. The time is in the summer, in the present. Characters: Jimmy Doyle (Snowman), the main character, Coach Griffen, and Coach McNeil, the coaches of the team, Augustus, Shawn, Ray, and Stinger, all members of the team. Point of View: This story is told from the eyes of Jimmy Doyle, so this story is told from a first person point …

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…on the clock when the play started and they were only down by 2 points. At the last second Jimmy shot a 3 pointer and made it. They won the championship game, and Jimmy and Augustus worked out their problems. Connection to Course Content: I think that in this story that there was a connection between Jimmy and all of the racism and death threats. I think that Jimmy learned a lot about that kind of stuff.