Daisy Miller

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Daisy Miller by Henry James Brief Biography of Henry James Henry James was born in New York in 1843. His parents were Henry James Sr. and Mary James. Henry James had three brothers and one sister. Henry Jamesí ancestor, William James, was an 18 year old Irishman who arrived in America in 1789. According to family legend, the ancestor arrived with a very small sum of money and later gained a small fortune through the establishment of a …

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…triumphantly obsequious salute, she turned away. Daisy to Mrs. Walker after refusing a ride home (James 56). A Classic This book is a classic because it has a universal theme. A theme that stands the test of time. Personally, I didnít find it very meaningful but, in its time, Daisy Miller, was very controversial. Works Cited "Henry James" The Hutchinson Encyclopedia. CD ROM; Helicon Publishing Ltd., 1999 James, Henry. Daisy Miller. New York. Tom Doherty Ass., 1988