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By pure mischance a high school student named Vargas happens to walk by smokers corner on his way home. Unlucky for him, his friend Johnny Bluejean is one the corner smoking a blunt. Johnny stops Vargas and offers him a smoke. Vargas tempted with all Johnny’s endorsements, and peer pressure collapses and takes the blunt. 20 years later Vargas is in the hospital breathing off a respirator. This all occurred because of one unlucky “YES” …

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…which involves, you calling home and saying the key word. Then your parents give you an excuse and come to pick you up. Although these work there is nothing better then a plain No. Drugs are bad for the body and the mind. They can cause addictions, brain loss, personality changes and depressions. The general public deserves to continue to learn the dangers of drugs so that they can stay away. Remember just say “NO.”