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Cyrano de Bergerac "Aggressive: I, sir, if that nose were mine, I'd have it amputated-on the spot! Friendly: How do you drink with such a nose? You ought to have a cup made specially. Descriptive: ‘Tis a rock-a crag-a cape- A cape? Say rather, a peninsula!" Cyrano de Bergerac is a heroic comedy, a play which is light and humorous and is composed of jokes, satire, and humorous performance. In this play, Cyrano humors the …

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…In another world, I shall be still that one who loves you, loves you Beyond measure, beyond" In the end, because of this letter, the play ends up not being a tragedy. Cyrano begins to read this letter before he dies and Roxane figures out that it was he who wrote the letters and he she had spoken to that night on the balcony even thought Cyrano still denies it and his love for her.