Cyber Crime Continues to Rise

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Cyber Crime Continues to Rise Cyber crime is on the rise throughout the United States, but many of the attacks are not being reported to the proper authorities. Cyber attacks range from defacing a website to, denial-of-service attacks which are meant to make a site unusable. Eighty-five percent of sites said they have been attacked by a virus at least once. In the seventh annual “Computer Crime and Security Survey” about ninety percent of respondents …

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…to the authorities. In 2001 thirty-six percent of cyber crimes were reported, and in the year 2000, twenty-five percent were reported. The Participants in the “Computer Crime and Security Survey” were over five-hundred government agencies, financial and medical institutions and universities. The name of the groups were unreleased. Statistics show, there is much more illegal and unauthorized activity going on in cyberspace. Many believe the companies are not alerting stockholders, business partners, and clients of the intrusions.