Current Events in Brazil

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The population in Brazil consists of 144 million people. Brazil is one of the fastest-growing nations in the Western Hemisphere. Its population is increasing at the rate of about 2 % a year. The constitution of Brazil gives the president tremendous powers. For example, the president may intervene in affairs of Brazil's states. The chief executive may even create new states from existing ones. Brazil has three main ethnic groups-whites, blacks, and people of mixed ancestry. Most of …

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…legal provisions that provide for protection of children and adolescents. Several fedrral agencies oversee the execution of government programs for children and adolescents designed to give to Brazilian yourth opportunities for a better life, education, shelter, and love. Moreover, as mandated by law, 21 states and 1,654 municipalities have established special Councils for Children's Rights. Several hot-lines are operating throughout Brazil making it easier for children to seek help and report instances of violence, neglect or abuse.