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“More likely the cat was just unlucky” (l. 1-2). In this narrative poem “Curiosity”, by Alastair Reid, he gives a dissertation on cats and dogs. Cats are adventurous and dogs do not take chances. Reid uses symbols Have you ever heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat” (l. 1)? and allegory to disclose the theme that life can be more fulfilling if one opens the door to new and different prospects. In “Curiosity”, Reid describes the …

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…not have fear of the unknown and do not accept life as it is handed to them. And so, in this poem, symbol and allegory expresses the contrasting types of people and how exploring different prospects can change their lives. With Alastair Reid’s vivid descriptions of both cats and dogs, he poses the question: which lifestyle is superior? “Face it. Curiosity will not cause us to die – only lack of it will.” (ll.15-17).