Cultural relativism; Moral relativism; Subjectivism

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Cultural relativism is the piece of the ethical pie that states different cultures have different moral beliefs. What may be acceptable to one culture may be unheard of in another culture. There is no "Universal truth" (Elements of Moral Philosophy Rachels 18). Moral relativism is more of the idea that a statement needs to be followed by good reason. If it is right, or wrong, good, or bad, why is it? It cannot simply be a …

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…adulthood according to their culture. At the age of fifteen these women are required to know how to cook, clean and basically be ready to get married and have a family. In the Hispanic community it is not frowned upon when a child as young as 15 or 16 is pregnant. This is considered culturally correct. The young girls of nonHispanic origin view this person as someone who did something wrong and is basically shamed for it.