Cryptography's Importance in Government

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Cryptography’s Importance in Government Cryptography is one of the most influential and important assets pertaining to government today. Cryptography is the mathematical science of preparingcommunication incoherent to parties unintended to receive the message. A presidential directive at 12:01, on November 4, 1952, established the National Security Agency (NSA) as a separate, secret organized agency within the Department of Defense (DoD) in this directive, President Truman appointed the Secretary of Defense as Executive Agent for the signal intelligence & …

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…showed importance (the ability to decipher a pre-empting attack on the United States) in the Pearl Harbor attack, in 1941. Cryptography will prove to be important in the present and future by ensuring that credit card numbers stay secure over the internet, fraud does not occur (over the internet), military actions are not compromised through shoddy radio security, and information exchanged among the White House, Pentagon, and other governmental agencies are not compromised by hostile nations.