Cry to the Night Wind

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Cry to the Night Wind David is thrilled when his father, a British Navy captain, decides to take him along on an expedition up the west coast of North America. Davieís father is a good captain, but he works Davie hard on the ship. Davie is away from home and holy has 2 adult friends on the ship. His friends are his father, and a hard worker named Grimsby. Davie scrubs the deck, and he …

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…Davie said good-bye, and the pup slipped out of sight to itís inlet. Davie was now safe for the moment, and the ship took off for home. Meanwhile, high up on the wide beach sat Walters and his two men. Walters assured the men that they would catch a Spaniard Brig and make way home. Then they could have their final chance to get rid of Davie and the Captain for good ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**