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At the crossroads two separate worlds meet. Each opposing world examines the other. Both worlds use different customs and different languages. One world uses a belief system based on monotheism and exercises a democratic-like government. The other possesses a belief system based on polytheism and operates their government in complete anarchy. Neither worlds can understand or comprehend how the other world functions. In Alan Patonís Cry The Beloved Country, the natives of South Africa, …

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…world as she becomes a prostitute in the large city. That in turn leads to a dissolute life in which Gertrude abandons the ways of the old country. Absalom Kumalo, who is also a part of the Kumalo family, comes to the new city and commits the heinous crime known as murder. As has been demonstrated, all members of the Kumalo family have experienced the clash of cultures evident in the society at the time.