Cruel Intentions vs. Dangerous Liaisons

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Separated by age and vastly different times, both Dangerous Liaisons and Cruel Intentions relay a social prejudice towards women that are identical despite contrasting setting details. In each time period, a preconception of a "real" lady's character drives the female characters to wear "masks" of conformity. This, they feel, society mandates, and is, along with other factors, an evident source of the character's rebellion. The characters of Kathryn Merteuil and Marquise de Merteuil each have …

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…achieve. The knowledge of that very fact propells their rebellion even more. These double standards that occur throughout each movie give plenty reasons for Kathryn and the Marquise De Merteuil's need for a "mask" for the public, and devious scheming behind the publics back. Each character has their defining scene that, along with other minor details such as her eventual turning on Sebastian, creates a full and rich character lined with deceit, manipulation, and betrayal.