Cronus Father Of Zeus

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Cronus became the lord of the universe after overthrowing his father. Seated upon the highest mountain, he ruled over heaven and earth with a firm hand. The other gods obeyed him and he was worshiped by early man. This was the Golden Age of man. At peace with the gods and each other, they did not kill and they had no locks on their doors, for theft had not been invented yet. But Cronus did …

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…baby clothes and gave it to her husband to swallow instead of the child. Cronus was fooled and swallowed the stone and the little god Zeus was spirited away to a secret cave on the island of Crete. Old Cronus never heard the cries of his young son, for Mother Earth set noisy sprites outside the cave. They made such a clatter beating their shields with their swords, that all other sounds were drowned out.