Critiscisms of My Antonia

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In the past, critics have ad moralized and/or brutalized every writer they could get their pen on. This is seen from criticisms of Henry Adams to William Butler Yeats. These writers critique everything about the writer and his/her works. For instance many critics criticize Willa Cather's novel, My Antonia. Their criticisms lie on the basis that My Antonia is based on cyclical themes with no structure holding each of the My Antonia's books. …

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…in the novel, that holds the whole novel together is the constant cyclical themes. These themes are the cycle of the stages of human life, the cycle of the seasons of the year, and the cycle of the cultural phases of civilization. Bibliography Works Cited Mayell, Frank. American Literature: Realism to 1945. Pasadua: Salem Press inc., 1981 Bloom, Harold. Modern Critical Views: Willa Cather. New York: Chelsea House Publisher, 1985. Wells, Kim. Domestic Goddesses. August 23, 1999. Online. Internet. November 4, 1998.