Critique of Phyllis Schlafly's School-to-Work Will Train, Not Educate

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Critique of Phyllis Schlafly's "School-to-Work Will Train, Not Educate" Marc Tucker's "cradle-to-grave" plan or the more recent "school-to-work" is a form of education in which students are trained for certain jobs in the workforce and are not taught the traditional way of learning basic knowledge and skills. In the position statement "School-to-Work Will Train, Not Educate," the author Phyllis Schlafly explains that school-to-work should be “defunded” because "[t]here's a big difference between educating a …

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…- to execute everyday jobs and being obliged to choose a lifetime career at an immature stage of one’s life for instance, has shown why many, including myself, share the same opinion. Similarly to Phyllis Schlafly who boldly concluded: “All those who value freedom must defeat and defund school-to-work.” Works Cited Schlafly, Phyllis. “School-to-Work Will Train, Not Educate.” Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum. Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen. New York: Longman, 2000. 70-72.