Critique of One Flew Over The Cokoo's Nest

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One Flew Over The Cokoís Nest This movie was wonderful! It contained no-name actors who did a great job of acting. Honestly if I didnít know any better I would think they were crazy for real. Murphy, the main character was played by the famous, Jack Nicholason. The movie instilled a lot of emotion in me. I was very compassionate for Murphy and had much animosity for the head nurse. I felt that …

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…cigarettes, and the card games all symbolized the fact that the patients were normal human beings in most ways. The vote, the disrespect to Nurse Ratchet, all made Nurse Ratchet react harshly, causing me to conclude that she was a power hungry woman who hated change. The use of allusion was the World Series and card playing, which actually brought me closer to the patients and Murphy because they are everyday activities. **Bibliography** PERSONAL EXPERIENCE