Criticisms of Mark Twain Past and Present

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Criticisms of Mark Twain: Past and Present Mark Twain is regarded as one of the most prominent American authors. Twain was born Samuel L. Clemons several years prior to the Civil War in a small town of Hannibal, Missouri. Much of his boyhood was spent frolicking in the muddy brown waters of the Mississippi. After his fathers death early in his life, Twain was hired for his dream job as a Steamboat Captain on the …

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…was always evident throughout the book. Outline Thesis Sentence: Although the books was published more than a decade ago, many of the problems that occurred in Twain's society are still prevalent today. I. Religion (Twain) A. Hypocrisy B. View of Heaven II. Religion (Present) A. Hypocrisy 1. Bible thumpers 2. Brownsville Revival III. Human Gullibility (Twain) A. The King and The Duke B. Shakespeare Production IV. Human Gullibility (Present) A. Big Finance Companies B. Prey on poor