Critically assess the European Union's role as the world's largest donor of development assistance, are there any ethical obligations attached to this role?

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Historically, the European Union (EU hereafter) has from its very beginning at the signing of the Treaty of Rome given consideration to the provision of development assistance. Unfortunately, countries receiving development assistance have until recently done so more on the basis of historical ties than on the basis of need, originating from French and British colonial ties. Many of the seemingly laudable and altruistic aims of the Yaoundé and Lome conventions failed to materialise in …

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…the principle of conditionality in the supplying of development assistance by no or loose application of conditionality, when it has been in its own interests to do so. Bibliography *Holland, M. (2002) The European Union and the Third World, Palgrave. *Hardin, G. (1974) "Lifeboat Ethics: The case against helping the poor", Psychology Today, 8: pp 38-43, 123-26. *Singer, P. (1993) "Rich and Poor", Practical Ethics, ch.8, pp. 218-246, Cambridge University Press, 2nd edition. *Singer, P. (1994) Ethics, Oxford University Press.