Crime in The Great Gatsby

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Crimes Throughout the book The Great Gatsby many of the main characters committed various crimes from adultery to murder. Tom Buchanan was the most cruel and deceitful character of them all. Tom committed adultery, abused a woman, and was an accomplice in the murder of Jay Gatsby. The first offense Tom committed was adultery with Myrtle Wilson in plain view, he even had the gaul to do it in front of Daisy. He flaunted his …

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…to the lions, Gatsby's death was Tom's fault, he told George Wilson that the car that hit Myrtle was Gatsby's. That was just as bad as pulling the trigger that killed Gatsby. The worst part is he felt no remorse for his actions. It makes me sick to even acknowledge the fact that people like Tom Buchanan may have or do exist. It is people like him who give the human race a bad name.