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Many great literary works emerge from a writer's experiences. Through The Crucible, Arthur Miller unleashes his fears and disdain towards the wrongful accusations of McCarthyism. Not only does Ernest Hemmingway present the horrors he witnessed in World War I in his novel, A Fair Well to Arms, he also addresses his disillusionment of war and that of the expatriates. Another writer who brings his experiences into the pages of a book is Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Faced …

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…als each might have set for herself. Even though their poverty allows them to become victims, it also gives them courage to escape from victimization. Although they face adversity and obstacles, Sonia and Dunia, both, overcome these tribulations with love as a savior. Ironically, Sonia, who only feels the touch of lust as a prostitute, finds Rodion whose heart is also tainted. Dunia who only knows of the obsession of Svidrigailov finds Razumihin, Rodion's friend.