Creon vs Antigone

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Creon and Antigone have several strengths and weaknesses. Both of them would be quite interesting as president! Creon is a brilliant debater and logician, which is a strong efficacy. He loves being in power. I do not think that is good because he seems to become obsessed with his power. Creon is positive that he knows what is best for citizens. This is one of his weaknesses, as he has no clue what is best …

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…women's rights movements. Creon would be a good President if he were ruling a country full of people like him, focusing just on themselves! I would choose Antigone for my President. She cares about people and tries to understand them. Antigone is also a moral person. I believe that having virtuous ethics is pertinent for being the leader of our country. A good leader with good standards is excellent for people to respect and follow.