Creon the Tragic Hero

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Antigone tells the story of Creon, King of Thebes. The situation arises when our tragic hero, Creon, makes a declaration regarding the death of a traitor. Polyneices was killed in battle and was to remain unburied to demonstrate the punishment for treason. Antigone, Polyneices' sister, rebels against Creon and buries her brother, denouncing the decree as an offense against the "law of God." Polynese, Creon's son, pleads with his father to listen to his citizens …

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…other punishment could be worse than the death of his son. He then finds his wife had committed suicide after hearing of her son's death. In the end of the play Creon is left with feelings of remorse and regret. He is faced with the realization that his hubris and inflexibility resulted in the tragic demise of his loved ones. The reader is left to wonder the fate of Creon as determined by the Gods.