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Origins of AAVE Four ideas have surfaced regarding the origins of AAVE. These hypotheses include Africanist, Creolist, English Dialect, and Divergence. Each of these hypotheses has supporting evidence. However, some find the supporting evidence arguable. The Africanist, Creolist, and English Dialect hypothesis were all created by the different viewpoints of speakers of AAVE. These people find it difficult to settle on hypotheses for the mere reason that the place of origin could come from a …

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…Gullah language spoken in South Carolina and Georgia. English Dialect is also believable because of the two dialects that do support the theory. There are certain drawbacks to each theory. However, when dealing with the origin of an undocumented language, there will be a drawback to almost every hypothesis. The origin cannot be certain without solid, documented evidence. All of the hypotheses could be valid, yet with out the evidence, it will never be known.