Creative writing on "Things Fall Apart" by Achenua Achebe. The teacher wanted us to explain our own culture to the Africans.

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White Men's Medicine Until the introduction of the birth control pill in 1960, diaphragms and condoms were the primary forms of contraception. Early condoms were probably made from linen sheaths. The cervical cap was introduced in early 1800s, and the diaphragm was introduced later that century. In the mid-nineteenth century, feminists in the United States began a birth control campaign associated with the slogan "Voluntary Motherhood." This campaign advocated birth control by abstinence. (http://www.sachet.…

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…these people would not even talk back to those white men. The white men got them like a baby crow in a beautiful, never-used hands. He would never follow their rules. If the clan wanted the white men's new culture and forgot what we had believed, let them be, he thought. He would wait unto the time when he did not think the white should not go any further, then he would fight by himself.