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The infinite scope of an over-populated beach in a hot, Southern California summer in shrouded with a cold, dark shadow of vacancy and eerie abandonment when the Winter months descend to sterilize the once human-contaminated shoreline. The hot, giving sun that stays late in the evening, almost like a smiling friend that you would never want to leave. The same bright, personal warmth that makes people enjoy the outdoors, ritualistically dominating the pleasant, moist air, …

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…admire the intricate beauty, are now occupied with science projects, math, and spelling tests. The sun-bleached, virgin, sand that is left to bask in the barren winter sun squishes between the toes of two, lone occupants as they quickly escape the numbing slurry of roaring, deafening surf that approached. The couple proceed on, holding hands as they disappear, like the warmth and comfort of summer that binds everybody to the beach, dissolves into the horizon.