Creation of a Monster

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein "Creation of a monster" Blair Trusty World Civilizations 10/02/99 Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley is a complex novel that was written during the age of Romanticism. This gothic work has enjoyed a wide range of interest and readership for roughly 200 years. Gothic tales have certain elements in common, chief among them being certain universal themes, eerie settings, twisted creatures and a breach in the natural order. Shelly's "Frankenstein" is a perfect example of a …

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…amount of technology among us, some people may wonder why such an advanced civilization still clings on to such primitive ways of categorizing people. The themes I've discussed are part of what makes the novel so appealing to readers and as relevant in today's world as it was when it was written. Its themes are universal and address age old questions as to the consequences of actions begun in good faith but ending in disaster.