Creation Vs Evolution

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Creation Vs Evolution In the beginning there were no cave men, no dinosaurs, no plants, no oceans, no mountains, no sun, no stars. There was nothing, not even space or time. Only God existed. Then God spoke suddenly creating space, time, matter, and energy. Out of this sudden beginning all the galaxies, stars, and planets formed. Then Godís spirit began to work over the surface of the ocean. Then God said let there be …

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…is sad fact that for all that has been said and written about the early and more recent history of mankind of historical evidence, that is mostly passed by todayís teenís, it never reaches todayís general public. I say that this is really sad because it is not as if this vast fund of knowledge is hard to get at. Itís there you just have to look. WC: 986 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** bible