Creation Science as a Pseudoscience

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In every civilization throughout history, man has searched for the explanation to his existence. In ancient societyís people created origin myths. Every civilization had a unique myth. Some myths involved gods and others involved nature. Sometime around one thousand B.C. the longest standing creation myth was popularized. This creation myth is still in practice today, almost three thousand years later. The myth I am referring to is the Genesis recollection in the bible. …

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…and evolution both seek answers to this question. Evolutionists do their best to be unbiased; they put aside their religious convictions in the name of science. Creationists bring all their religious convictions into their experiments so their experiments are biased. Creation science is a respectable practice. Creationists are deeply religious people who dedicate their lives in the attempt to prove their religion. Though commendable creation science is biased and therefore, must be considered a pseudoscience.