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Cousin Elmer's Driving my just washed shiny red pickup, I let the scent of the car wash's vanilla air freshener fill my nostrils. I was headed across town to Cousin Elmer's Thrift and Engine Parts Store. The windows of the truck were down and sunrays which had been shattered by the giant looming eucalyptus trees standing sentinel on the road were splayed across my forearm. I bounced along Grand Avenue trying in vain to avoid …

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…of my friends sitting at their desks in climate controlled law offices staring out panes of glass they couldn't open while wistfully watching the movement on the San Diego streets ten stories below them. I smiled at the comfort my senses drew from the yard before them, and appreciated all the more the town I had come to call home. Then I pushed my way into the main structure which housed Cousin Elmer's other treasures.