Courtship in Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations

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In Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations the theme of courtship is found throughout the novel. In Pride and Prejudice Austen depicts courtship through the young Bennet sisters—particularly, Elizabeth Bennet and Jane Bennet. Similarly, in Great Expectations Dickens depicts courtship through Pip’s search for love, and the marriages of Biddy and Joe and Estella and Drummle. Austen and Dickens both take on the important concept of courtship and in different ways exemplify the …

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…could assume that it was not a love-filled, enjoyable one. For Pip, he learned the hard way that his great expectations cannot be filled with money or material wealth, but real happiness lies in love and feelings. Works Cited Cotsell, Michael. Critical Essays on Charles Dickens Great Expectations. G. K. Hall & Co. Boston, Massachusetts. USA. 1990. Monaghan, David. Jane Austen Structure and Social Vision. Harper & Row Publishers Inc. Barnes & Noble Import Division. New York. New York. 1980.