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Marbury v Madison Issue: President Adams appointed several Federal Justices as "midnight appointments", President Madison did not want them and witheld their pay, one of the judges brought suit for back pay Decision Against Madison Signifigence: Set up the policy of Judicial Review Dartmouth College v Woodward Issue: New Hampshire was attempting to regulate Dartmouth college who claimed they couldn't because they had a royal charter Decision: For Dartmouth Signifigence: Declared the sanctity of contracts …

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…police yet not allowed to see a lawyer and was not advised of his rights, and ended up making incriminating statements Decision: For Escobedo Significance: Right to an attorney at questioning and right to remain silent Miranda v Arizona Issue: Miranda was questioned by police and was not given his rights and made incriminating statements Decision: For Miranda Significance: Said confessions could not be used unless a criminal had been advised of his/her rights