Country study of Egypt.

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EGYPT A credit analysis Pieter Paul Lamers April 2002 Nyenrode University IMMBA 3 Introduction In this paper an overview will given of the background of Egypt as a nation. In chapter 1 the history and political situation will be viewed. In chapter 2 most attention will be paid to the economic situation. Chapter 3 provides information on Geography and the people; further information on communications, transportation and the military will be provided in Appendixes . Chapter 4 will focus on the effects …

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…availability:males age 15-49: 18,562,994 (2001 est.) Military manpower - fit for military service:males age 15-49: 12,020,059 (2001 est.) Military manpower - reaching military age annually:males: 712,983 (2001 est.) Military expenditures - dollar figure:$4.04 billion (FY99/00) Military expenditures - percent of GDP:4.1% (FY99/00) EgyptTransnational Issues Disputes - international:Egypt asserts its claim to the "Hala'ib Triangle," a barren area of 20,580 sq km under partial Sudanese administration that is defined by an administrative boundary which supersedes the treaty boundary of 1899