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THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO By Alexandre Dumas Fernand Mondego was a simple fisherman who led a dull, monotonous life and was not very important in the social status. If he had just been content in all of his circumstances, his life might have been better. However, from the very beginning of the book, Fernand's goal in life was to obtain things he could not obtain. He desired power, fame, fortune-- and Mercedes. Most of …

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…of what destroyed him. Contentedness was definitely not a strong point in Fernand's character. He was egotistical and had many selfish desires as well. These traits combined with his shrewdness and conniving nature eventually led him to destruction. Bibliography Briana Gleason is a freshman who enjoys acting, singing, and writing. She also enjoys looking on the internet for IDEAS on term papers, which she hopes you will use her report for, and not for PLAGERISM.