Council of Nicea

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The Council of Nicea Constantine was the emperor in Rome at the time when he called the Council of Nicea in 325 CE. Constantine was originally a worshipper of the sun god. Later in his life he converted to Christianity. His reign marked the beginning of the joining of church and state. The pagans no longer persecuted Christians. Instead, Christians persecuted others, including other Christians. Christians killed more Christians in the first century after the Council …

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…remain a standard. Even the Nicean Creed, which was invented at the Council of Nicea, was modified at the Church Council of Constantinople in 381 CE. But the Council of Nicea was a great achievement despite these downfalls. For example never before or since has the Church been so completely represented at one spot. I believe the most important aspect of the Council of Nicea is the fact that it tied the church and state together.